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A purposeful design enthusiast, navigating the evolving tech landscape to craft impactful & people-centric solutions.

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As an aspiring UX Researcher and Designer, I hold a Master's

degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University Indianapolis, with a notable 3.96 GPA.


In my previous role as a UX Research Assistant at IU RedLab, I contributed to developing live indoor tracking web mapping technology for first responders, enhancing both user experience

and operational efficiency.


Recently, I collaborated with my teammates to redesign a learning platform for youth with disabilities on a project for Transition Discoveries. Our concept of reimagining the user interface of the current website and integration of AI to elevate user experience earned us the "Best in Show" title at the IU Capstone Panel Presentation 2024

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Past, Present and Future...

My design journey began in childhood, fueled by a blend of

analytical thinking and a love for art, led my career from architecture to UX. Through my academic and professional experiences, I've tackled complex design challenges with a focus on accessibility and interactivity, contributing to socially impactful and usable designs.

My expertise lies in blending research and creativity to craft  viable and people-centric experiences. I'm deeply passionate about understanding people and their interactions. I would like to channel this curiosity into creating memorable experiences that will influence thoughts and actions. Looking ahead, I aim to continue pushing boundaries and innovating in the dynamic field of UX design.


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An insight into my beliefs amidst UX trends
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Designing for Evolution

Innovating for Evolving Needs.

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Exploring Immersive UX:

Crafting Engaging 3D Experiences

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Fusing Emerging Tech & UX: Augmenting User Experiences

A quick peek into my user-centric strategies and design approach

01. Grasping the Challenge

Begin with a deep dive into the problem space, thoroughly understanding the context and objectives. Identify the key issues and align them with broader business goals and user needs, laying a solid foundation for targeted, impactful design solutions.

What's the real problem and where it all begun?

04. Developing Ethical & Inclusive prototypes

Commit to ethical and inclusive design principles throughout the process, ensuring solutions are accessible and equitable. In the prototyping stage, experiment with these inclusive concepts, refining them iteratively based on user feedback to achieve a balance of form, function, and accessibility.

Are we solving it for everyone equally?

02. Diving into the User World

Adopt a dual approach of problem understanding and empathy. Engage deeply with user stories to step into the users’ world, gaining a clear perspective on their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. 

Who are our users and what they do?

05. Evaluating & Refining

Conduct comprehensive user testing to validate prototypes and gather essential feedback. This phase is central to the iterative design process, focusing on refining and enhancing the solutions based on real user interactions and experiences.

Is it working, and if not, how can we improve it?

03. Ideating Evidence-based solutions

Utilize user stories to inform data-driven analysis of behavioral patterns. This insight mining reveals hidden user needs and opportunities. In collaborative ideation sessions, blend creativity with strategic thinking to forge innovative, viable and user-focused design concepts.

How can we generate ideas to influence user behavior?

06. Narrating the Design Journey

Wrap up the process by narratively presenting your design journey. Articulate the story through visualizations and user narratives, highlighting not just the final product but the entire creative journey - the decisions, iterations, and insights that culminated in the final design.

How to communicate the design?


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Structures to Screens : Navigating the Transition from Architecture to the World of User Experience

Transitioning from architecture to UX design, I found a deep connectoin between these fields. In architecture, I honed the art of creating spaces that resonate emotionally and functionally with people. This expertise proved invaluable in UX design, where I now craft engaging digital experiences grounded with same ideologies. Emphasizing empathy, whether designing a building or a webpage, has always been crucial. 

Digital designs, unlike static architectural structures, require continuous iteration, offering a canvas for constant innovation, sharpening my dynamic thinking. My ability to balance aesthetics with functionality has grown, making me a versatile designer who prioritizes empathy and impactful solutions. This journey has not only broadened my skill set but also deepened my understanding and significance of user’s perspective.

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Beyond my role as a professional, it's the diverse passions that truly fuel my journey.
The kitchen is my happy place, where I can whip up delicious dishes that bring smiles to faces.
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Travelling allows me to step outside my ordinary comfort zone and embrace the extraordinary.
Sitcoms are my daily dose of laughter, providing the perfect escape from the hustle life.


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Whether it's painting or crafting, I cherish the process of turning ideas into tangible pieces of art.
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